Certified Electrican Service History

Owner and President, Darren Johnson, has been a certified electrician for over 21 years. He was previously employed as a Union Journeyman Electrician, and Foreman.

He started Valiant Electric, Inc. with the purpose of providing Southeast Wisconsin and Northeast Illinois with a quality service that is built on the professionalism of more established electricians, but in an affordable manner.

·         Licensed Master Electrician by the State of Wisconsin

·         Licensed Electrical Contractor by the State of Wisconsin

·         Licensed Electrical Contractor by the Village of Libertyville, IL*  

·         Certified Journeyman Wireman by the IBEW (International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers) and the United States Department of Labor.

Based in Kenosha, Valiant Electric, Inc. is now in its 8th year of providing electrical solutions, and growing.  

*Currently Illinois does not have a state licensing program for electricians or electrical contractors. They leave it up to the local municipalities to enforce their own requirements. The Village of Libertyville Contractors License is accepted by pretty much all municipalities in the state of Illinois.