Electrical Contracting in Twin Lakes, WI

We offer electrical contracting in Twin Lakes with our experienced brand of  Residential, Commercial, and Industrial  electrical work.

We operate out of Kenosha, just a short drive away, and have the confidence and expertise to handle any kind of wiring job, and provide the best possible electrical contracting solution.  

All of our electricians are Union trained, and come with the expertise of a much bigger firm, but with the attention to specific needs that is a focus of a tight-knit team. We keep up with all of the state certifications so you can be sure you are getting the highest quality of work available. On every job site we wear our superior quality work as a badge. 

We value transparency of work to help provide a certain level of trust not all electricians are willing to offer. We'll complete the work in a timely manner, and follow through upon completion. Your satisfaction is our priority. 

Contact-us with questions, and to recieve a free estimate.