Experienced Electricians for Grayslake, IL

We offer our services to the area around Grayslake, IL, with the experience, and knowledge to handle all of your Residential,Commercial, and Industrial wiring jobs. 

Based in Kenosha, WI, we are located a short drive away, and aim to be the most trusted experienced electricians for Grayslake.  

We feature Union trained electricians who value the professionalism of bigger firms, but are in tune with the kind of attitude you'd expect from a smaller group. We focus on achieving the correct certifications* to ensure trust, and confidence. The work we do is our promise that you are receiving the best quality of electrical work available.

Our approach is based on maintaining our integrity, while keeping your trust, and making sure the job is done right and to our customer's satisfaction.

We've done previous work in Grayslake at the Grays Pointe Condominiums

Contact-us for answers to any of your questions, and for a free estimate. 

*Currently Illinois does not have a state licensing program for electricians or electrical contractors. They leave it up to the local municipalities to enforce their own requirements. The Village of Libertyville Contractors License is accepted by pretty much all municipalities in the state of Illinois.