Experienced Electricians in Racine, WI

Located just to the south, we aim to provide superior service from our experienced electricians in Racine for your  Residential, Commercial, and Industrial  needs. 

Our certified, experienced electricians  are qualified to work on a variety of tasks including electrical installation, repairs, and upgrades. Our Residential Services include New Home, Indoor, and Outdoor wiring.

Commercially, and Industrially, we are able to customize our approach based on your needs, including doing maintenance on your current infrastructure. 

Having been trained to Union standars, we are able to provide the professionalism of a much larger contractor, but also provide the attention to specific detials, and custom needs, that is expected from a much smaller firm. We are up-to-date with the latest state certifications to ensure you're getting the highest quality of work available. Maintaining high quality of work is a main focus of ours, so you can always expect us to be trying to be our best.

We value transparency of work to help provide a certain level of trust not all electricians are willing to offer. We'll complete the work in a timely manner, and follow through upon completion. Your satisfaction is our priority. 

A couple examples of work we've done in the area are Renaissance Schools, and Roma Lodge

Contact-us for answers to any of your questions, and for a free estimate.