Independent Electrical Contractors for Lake Villa, IL

Combining decades of overall experience, and an emphasis in providing optimal solutions, Valiant provides some of the most competent, and trustworthy independent electrical contractors for Lake Villa. We are capable of taking on jobs, and coming up with solutions for all of your ResidentialCommercial, and Industrial electrical needs.

Our staff is made up of Union trained electricians equipped with the experience and professionalism of bigger companies, but with the attention to specific needs that is a focus of a tight-knit team. We foucs on keeping up with current certifications* to ensure you that you are receiving the highest quality of work available. We take absolute pride in our work. 

Transparency in the process is a key focus of ours. We want to maintain your trust from the beginning of the bidding process all the way through our follow-up after the completion of a job. At Valiant, we believe the customer experience is as important as the work. 

Contact-us to ask any questions, if you have any concerns, or want a free estimate on some electrical work.

*Currently Illinois does not have a state licensing program for electricians or electrical contractors. They leave it up to the local municipalities to enforce their own requirements. The Village of Libertyville Contractors License is accepted by pretty much all municipalities in the state of Illinois.