Understanding the Credentials of Your Certified Electrician

How to understand the credentials of your Certified Electrician

Make Sure you can Trust Your Certified Electrician

A big part of any contracting job is making sure that the contractor you choose is capable of handling the task you are hiring them for.

It is not only important that they are recognized in the state or municipality that you are located, but that you are getting the kind of experience, and professionalism that will ensure your job gets done right.

We work in both our home state of Wisconsin, as well as the Northeastern Illinois communities, so we are well informed about the kind of credentials needed to work in these areas.

In the State of Wisconsin, to be certified as a master or journeyman you need to pass an open book exam on the National Electrical Code and the electrical code part of the Wisconsin Administrative Code. 

To even qualify for the master electrician exam you need 1,000 hours per year of electrical construction work experience for at least seven years.

There are two ways to qualify for the journeyman electrician exam. One way is to complete 1,000 hours per year of electrical construction work experience for at least five years.The other way is to complete an electrical apprenticeship program recognized by Wisconsin and the U.S. Department of Labor.

Right now the rules are a bit different in Illinois.

Currently there is no State Electrical License, but in the mean time, the Village of Libertyville, as well as many other Illinois cities and towns, depend on municipal electrical licenses to help ensure a degree of electrical competence.

Libertyville is one such municipality that issues electrical contractor licenses based on Illinois state guidelines. This is where we are licensed in the State of Illinois. 

The important thing to remember about all of these certifications is the number of hours put in to achieve those levels. Experience is key.

At Valiant Electric, Inc. we are certified by the State of Wisconsin, the Village of Libertyville, Illinois, recognized by the NFPA, and have certifications from the IBEW.

We are qualified, and eager to help with any of your electrical solutions. Contact us to get a free estimate on your work.